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E88271 Lock plate for carburetor vent pipe E88271 Lock plate for carburetor vent pipe

Lock plate for carburetor vent pipe. A commonly missing piece.

: $18.00
AW Assort- Aluminum Washer Assortment AW Assort- Aluminum Washer Assortment

Aluminum Washers are great for sealing connections involving fuel, oil, and coolant. Included are the most common sizes found on most Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. The sizes and quantities are listed in the extended information tab.

: $75.00
E88078 Air filter element E88078 Air filter element

Air filter element P3 all series. This is a custom made air filter that is an exact fit and gives added protection to your engine using modern filtration material.

: $110.00
E88147- Carburetor Rebuild Kit E88147- Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Carburetor rebuild kit includes gaskets, accelerator pump, jets, aluminum sealing washers and more to properly rebuild your carburetor. Also includes a new metal name tag for that nice finishing touch.

: $235.00
E87972- Carburetor Float Bowl E87972- Carburetor Float Bowl

Have your broken carburetor float bowl replaced with a new aluminum cast reproduction replacement. It is required to send your complete carburetor to us so we can properly fit and adjust the bowl and thoroughly test before it is shipped out. Carburetor will be returned beautifully painted and detailed to show quality. For removal instructions-

: $5,192.00