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AGP1E20- Auto-Vac Gaskets AGP1L- Auto-Vac gasket set for late P1 after 1 EF F80727 Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle
Auto-Vac gasket set for Late Silver Ghost, Early British Phantom 1 up to Chassis 1 EF, and 20hp. Set includes two top cover assembly gaskets, Fuel filter gasket, and drain plug gasket. Gaskets are made from composite cork/neoprene and are suitable for modern fuels with or without ethanol. Auto-Vac gasket set for late P1 after 1 EF. Set includes two top cover assembly gaskets, Fuel filter gasket, fuel tank control valve gasket, and drain plug gasket. Gaskets are made from composite cork/neoprene and are suitable for modern fuels with or without ethanol. Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle
KNOB- for dash pull out lights and ash trays E74889 Rubber Coupling Drive Disc AV2 Auto-Vac Valve Set
Knob for instrument sliding light and ash tray. Threads onto a 1 1/6" x 16 TPI pull out. The OD is 1 1/2" and it is 9/16" high. Rubber Coupling Disc for dynamo drive and magneto drive Auto-Vac valve set reproduced to exact original standards. Set includes air valve, fuel valve, and mounting hasp.
R7274 Ignition Rotor AW Assort- Aluminum Washer Assortment E72884 Exhaust Bracket
Ignition rotor. Reproduced to the later design style to prevent spark from traveling down to the rotor post. Fits late British Silver Ghost using smaller Rolls-Royce type distributor as well as other Pre-War six cylinder models. Also fits AJS and AMS Series left hand drive Phantom II but requires that the end contact finger is flipped over. Aluminum Washers are great for sealing connections involving fuel, oil, and coolant. Included are the most common sizes found on most Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. The sizes and quantities are listed in the extended information tab.
Bracket for exhaust front silencer for Br.P1. Reproduced in stainless steel
E72307 Exhaust Bracket E22599 Tail Pipe Bracket E73114- Bracket for Undersheet/Exhaust
Bracket for exhaust intermediate pipe between front silencer and main silencer for Br. P1. Reproduced in stainless steel. Bracket for exhaust tail pipe. Reproduced in heavy gauge stainless steel. Bracket to support Undertray and Exhaust expantion chamber. Reproduced in stainless steel.
F59338 Autovac Operating Lever E71184 E70647  bracket for carburetor induction hot spot chamber
: $86.00
Autovac fuel control lever for early 20/25, late British Phantom 1, early Phantom 2 Bracket for ignition wire loom includes E 73760 for aluminum head engines only P1, SP1 Bracket hot spot iron head Phantom I only sold in pairs
PW3- Pre-War Coil 3.0 ohm for electric ignition conversion for 6 cylinder engines F6927 Foot Pedal Pad Set Clip, Lucas Bulb Holder
Coil for Pre-War cars to mount on original pedistal with two studs. The appearance of this coil is subject to change. Pedal Pad clutch and brake Clip for Lucas bulb holder
E75146 Silencer Bracket Clip, Lucas Inspection Lamp F74896- Shock Absorber Piston Link
Bracket for exhaust main silencer Br. P1. Reproduced in stainless steel. Includes holes and openings for exhaust cut-out valve. Clip only for holding the Lucas Inspection Lamp #97 and similar Connects shock absorber internal piston to the shock absorber arm. For Rolls-Royce manufactured hydraulic shocks only. Applies to front and rear Phantom 1 and early Phantom 2 rear shocks only. It is an assembly of F74566 and F74896. This is New Old Stock.
Clip #4 for Lucas #40 Oil Can PR6N- Electronic Ignition Conversion for Rolls-Royce P1, P2, 20, 20/25, 25/30, Bentley 3 1/2, 4 1/4 G76095 Clutch Spring P1 Set
Bracket to secure the Lucas #40 oil can onto undersheet or side of engine. Electronic ignition conversion fits entirely inside the distributor with only two wires to connect. Includes new rotor, installation instructions, 30 month warranty, and technical assistance (if needed). We strongly recommend using the Pertronix 3.0 ohm coil for best reliability and performance. We provide 3.0 ohm coils with mounting studs to install on the original pedestal.

See more in the Extended Information section tab.
Clutch pressure plate spring
F82809a Bottom A-Arm link NOS D50566a Distributor Cap G78848 Rubber Coupling Drive Disc
Bottom A-Arm link NOS, for front axle connection to front shock absorber. Applies to British P1 after chassis number AL 1 and Springfield P1 after S 101 FR as well as all P2. Sold as a pair only. Distributor cap reproduced to very high standards. Includes carbon brush and screw in terminals. Can be used on left hand drive Phantom 2 as well, but the numbering on the cap will be reversed. Rubber coupling disc connects clutch shaft to transmission input shaft. Included are the steel rivet plates. This is a reproduction part. 6 3/8" OD.
G76289 Clutch Center Plate G78856- Clutch Lining Set G75378 Wheel Wrench
Center Plate for P1 chassis number LF 1 to OR 90, for P2 WJ 1 to GX 68 Clutch linings are supplied un-drilled. It is necessary to drill and counter bore these discs to attach them. If you wish, we would be happy to rivet them in place for you. Extra charges will be applied. This material works very well in this application. It is asbestos free but still retains very similar properties as the original material. It is recommended to also replace the center plate, all springs, and all bearings at the time of renewing these linings. Wheel Wrench for wheel removal and installation. Reproduced to very high standards with excellent finishes.