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G53753 Universal joint seal

seal- leather for universal joint pin

: $12.00
RF3536- Bijur chassis lubrication tank to firewall seal

Seal- Bijur tank to firewall rubber fume seal. This part is actually a Post-War model part, however it is a good item to use on late Pre-War cars to help control fumes from entering the driver's compartment.

: $28.00
D50911- Starter Drive Retaining Ring

Starter drive retaining ring

: $28.00
D51620- Starter Drive External Splined Steel Disc

Steel disc external splined starter drive

: $33.00
D52667 spacer for side mount wheel

Spacer for side mount spare wheel 20/25 and 25/30

: $40.00
F80727 Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle

Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle

: $45.00
KNOB- for dash pull out lights and ash trays

Knob for instrument sliding light and ash tray. Threads onto a 1 1/6" x 16 TPI pull out. The OD is 1 1/2" and it is 9/16" high.

: $55.00
AW Assort- Aluminum Washer Assortment

Aluminum Washers are great for sealing connections involving fuel, oil, and coolant. Included are the most common sizes found on most Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. The sizes and quantities are listed in the extended information tab.

: $65.00
R7274 Ignition Rotor

Ignition rotor. Reproduced to the later design style to prevent spark from traveling down to the rotor post. Fits late British Silver Ghost using smaller Rolls-Royce type distributor as well as other Pre-War six cylinder models. Also fits AJS and AMS Series left hand drive Phantom II but requires that the end contact finger is flipped over.

: $65.00
E57021 Spherical Spacer Exhaust Manifold Connection

Spacer spherical for exhaust manifold to down pipe connection

: $65.00
F50497 Foot Pedal Pad Set

Pedal pad set

: $80.00
D100216 Cover for starter relay switch

Cover for starter relay switch for later 20/25 and later Phantom II on

: $85.00
D71647 Ignition Contacts Points

Ignition Contacts for Late Phantom 1 and late 20hp on

: $85.00
PW3- Pre-War Coil 3.0 ohm for electric ignition conversion for 6 cylinder engines

Coil for Pre-War cars to mount on original pedistal with two studs. The appearance of this coil is subject to change.

: $115.00
D50246a- Starter brush cover

Starter motor brush cover.

: $130.00
GB907 Universal Joint Pin

Pin- for universal joint with needle bearings

: $275.00
R7267 Water Pump Rebuild Kit

Water pump rebuild kit includes shaft- R7267, impeller- E57797, lead bushing- E5469, thrust button- E50203, and packing material. This kit does not apply to early 20/25 before chassis number GKT 10. If additional parts are required, please enquire. We will be happy to supply them. Additional costs will apply.

: $278.00
PR6N- Electronic Ignition Conversion for Rolls-Royce P1, P2, 20, 20/25, 25/30, Bentley 3 1/2, 4 1/4

Electronic ignition conversion fits entirely inside the distributor with only two wires to connect. Includes new rotor, installation instructions, 30 month warranty, and technical assistance (if needed). We strongly recommend using the Pertronix 3.0 ohm coil for best reliability and performance. We provide 3.0 ohm coils with mounting studs to install on the original pedestal.

See more in the Extended Information section tab.

: $295.00
EB2619 Cylinder Head Gasket

Gasket joint for cylinder head to cylinder block. While our gaskets are not copper clad as the original, they work exceptionally well. They are to be installed following the original specifications and do not require more then 3 re-torquing sessions after installation provided the cylinder head studs are in good condition.

: $325.00
D72503 Ignition Coil

Ignition coil reproduced for exact appearance of the original. Coil value is suitable for either points ignition or Pertronix Electronic Ignition Systems. Carries a 30 month warranty.

Please be aware- we have started reproducing these in small batches. If this item is not available immediately, it may take 2 weeks or more for stock to replenish.

: $475.00
E87157 Calorstat Radiator Shutter Control

Radiator shutter control unit. This is a rebuilt unit and carries a one year warranty. The bellows have been replaced, it has been re-soldered, pressure tested, and refilled with alcohol. The above price is for no core exchange. If a core can be supplied, the price is $475.Your old unit must be sent to us before a rebuilt unit is sent out.

: $585.00