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RF3536- Bijur chassis lubrication tank to firewall seal

Seal- Bijur tank to firewall rubber fume seal. This part is actually a Post-War model part, however it is a good item to use on late Pre-War cars to help control fumes from entering the driver's compartment.

: $28.00
D50911- Starter Drive Retaining Ring

Starter drive retaining ring

: $28.00
D51620- Starter Drive External Splined Steel Disc

Steel disc external splined starter drive

: $33.00
F80727 Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle

Rubber pad set for screw that attaches firewall to scuttle

: $45.00
RF5093- Ignition Contacts, Points

Points ignition contacts includes RH8889 and RH8891. Sold in sets to replace both per car. Fits Wraith A, B, and part of C Series and all six cylinder Post-War cars.

: $45.00
KNOB- for dash pull out lights and ash trays

Knob for instrument sliding light and ash tray. Threads onto a 1 1/6" x 16 TPI pull out. The OD is 1 1/2" and it is 9/16" high.

: $55.00
AW Assort- Aluminum Washer Assortment

Aluminum Washers are great for sealing connections involving fuel, oil, and coolant. Included are the most common sizes found on most Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars. The sizes and quantities are listed in the extended information tab.

: $65.00
E57021 Spherical Spacer Exhaust Manifold Connection

Spacer spherical for exhaust manifold to down pipe connection

: $65.00
D100216 Cover for starter relay switch

Cover for starter relay switch for later 20/25 and later Phantom II on

: $85.00
PW3- Pre-War Coil 3.0 ohm for electric ignition conversion for 6 cylinder engines

Coil for Pre-War cars to mount on original pedistal with two studs. The appearance of this coil is subject to change.

: $115.00
D50246a- Starter brush cover

Starter motor brush cover.

: $130.00
FB2051 wheel wrench

Wheel wrench Bentley and Wraith

: $225.00
E87157 Calorstat Radiator Shutter Control

Radiator shutter control unit. This is a rebuilt unit and carries a one year warranty. The bellows have been replaced, it has been re-soldered, pressure tested, and refilled with alcohol. The above price is for no core exchange. If a core can be supplied, the price is $475.Your old unit must be sent to us before a rebuilt unit is sent out.

: $585.00