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E28162 Spring Plates for Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Spring plate for oil pressure relief valve

: $35.00
D71647 Ignition Contacts Points

Ignition Contacts for Late Phantom 1 and late 20hp on

: $85.00
E70412a and E70397 Carb Needle/seat valve

Carburetor needle and seat valve. Includes aluminum sealing washer. Applies to early Phantom 2 to chassis 102 MY.

: $170.00
E79269 Water Pump Shaft

Shaft for water pump impeller

: $178.00
E73473 Wrist Pin Bushing Set

Bushing set for connecting rod small end P1,P2. Requires fitting and honing to proper clearance.

: $330.00
D72503 Ignition Coil

Ignition coil reproduced for exact appearance of the original. Coil value is suitable for either points ignition or Pertronix Electronic Ignition Systems. Carries a 30 month warranty.

Please be aware- we have started reproducing these in small batches. If this item is not available immediately, it may take 2 weeks or more for stock to replenish.

: $475.00
E76685 Cam Follower Set

Cam follower set.

: $3,275.00